The model is not working properly.

This software works with the bones of the Humanoid model. In addition, since the expressions are based on the name of the Vroid model, if the model is not the Vroid model, please make sure to match the bone name.

I’d like to create a model.

We recommend you to use Vroid Studio(https://vroid.com/studio) when you create the model. If you use the external 3D software, please use the same name of the character’s mesh and facial expressions as the Vroid.

I’d like to create a motion.

We recommend you to create motion in MMD, so any MMD bones that are not in Humanoid will not work. (More details to come later).

It doesn’t look like a cartoon.

The shading of the model texture itself will look more natural if it is removed as much as possible. Also, the simpler the model design itself, the more natural it may look.