Simply put, this software is like a MMD(Miku Miku Dance) variant specialized for 2D animation. The name “Ls” comes from the English word “else”, which means “other”. We hope that you will use it as a 3DCG animation engine that has never been seen before. Our goal is that anyone (Someone else) can create an image that is different from what has been done so far, and that it can be a different method.

Developer’s comment

In creating this software, I hope that it will give hope to people who don’t know how to draw, but want to create their own works and movies. I thought it would be great if I could use this software to create pictures in my own way, so I decided to develop it. I hope that through this software, I will be able to connect with creators who draw pictures and voice actors. It would be great if other people were interested in software development as well. My personal goal is that in a few years’ time, or even a few decades’ time, students and others will be able to use this software to make a big impact.

Lastly, LsENGINE is a software that aims to make 3DCG look like animation. However, it is still far from the level of animators’ drawings, and it will take more time for the software to reach the level of animators’ drawings. Through the production of this software, I was reminded once again of the amazing skills of the people who create the works, including the animators. We hope to create a society where those creators can continue to create their works in a better environment. Through this software development, I would like to contribute to improving the environment for creators.

Eru Tominaga (Twitter : @L_tominaga)