・Frame rate adjustment during motion playback
・Motion correction to make it look like a 2D animation (details to be described later).
・Importing VRM models
・Loading motions
・Loading a stage model
・Composite of model and background
・Adjustment of the outline line(_OutlineWidth in VRM/MToon)

Details will be provided at a later date.
*Please note that other VRM models may not work properly because they are all based on Vroid models.

Develop Roadmap

The following process is planned for the update.
The update date is not yet determined.

About motion standards

Currently, there is a VRM standard for 3D models, but the corresponding standard for 3D model poses and motions (what about .anim?) I decided to use the MMD motion standard, vmd, because there is no I’d like to use the MMD motion standard for VRM. We’d also like to have a motion library with motions distributed if possible .

The confirmed bugs

・Unknown frames may appear when switching cameras.
・The scale of the characters is sometimes unnaturally large.
・Characters sometimes appear to float.
・The textures and colors of the stage model are not reflected.
・The direction of the toe bone may be unnatural.
・GUI is broken when the screen size is changed.
・The GUI may be broken in 4K displays.